REAL cha cha dance songs, with the chachacha pattern in the music, unlike the websites that list disco and country songs with just an even-eighth note beat. Tempo in beats/minute.
TITLE / tempo (bpm)
101 Donde Yo Estare Sindicato Argentino
102 it's so nice to have a man della reese
103 El Raton

Stars Hard Salsa

105 Bésame Mama Poncho Sanchez
106 Cha Cha Cha Romantico Var., Duck Rcds
106 Me Gusta Todo De Ti Pio Leiva
106 Everybody Loves To Cha James Taylor
108 just one look doris troy
108 Sway Julie London
109 No Tengo Dinero Los Umbrello
110 Oye Como Va (super classic) Congo Kings
110 evil ways willie bobo
110 guantanamera la plata
112 Shama Lama Ding Dong Tiny Barge
112 whatever lola wants della reese
113 Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps Santo & Johnny
114 And I Love Her Chet Atkins
114 Guayaba Tito Puente
115 Cariño Jennifer Lopez
115 Cha Cha in Blues Various Artists
115 Dance With Me Debelah Morgan
115 Lady Marmalade LaBelle
115 Tragedy Marc Anthony
116 La Enganadora (earliest cha hit) Enrique Jorrin
(creator of cha cha!)
116 El Bodeguero (super classic) Orchesta Aragon
116 Esta Noche Se Rompieron Manolito
116 Los Fantasmas Orchesta Aragon
116 cuban pete tito puente
116 daddy della reese
116 Dance With Me Michael Bolton
116 evil ways santana
116 guantanamera celia cruz
116 Lady Marmalade Mongo Santamaria
116 Popurrit Cha Cha Cha Tamayo
116 relax & mambo machito
116 smooth santana
116 tea for two mambo all stars
116 wabble cha joe cuba
116 watermelon man poncho sanchez
117 Guajira Soul Tito Puente
117 Volver A Verte Oscar D'Leon
118 Cha Cha Cha Du Loup (on 1) Serge Gainsbourg
118 Chanchullo Tito Puente
118 Ven Conmigo (solamente Tu) Christina Aguilera
118 why don't you do right della reese
120 Are You Ready For Love ( 1) Tony Evans
120 Cha Cha Cha Jai Salsa
120 Colourblind Tony Evans
120 corazon espinada santana
120 Dance With You (on 1) Tony Evans
120 Don't You Worry 'Bout Tony Evans
120 El Ratón Somos Amigos
120 Free Cha Cha Tony Evans
120 Outside Cha Cha Tony Evans
120 shoop shoop CHER cher
120 Shoop Shoop Song ORIG Betty Everett
120 Spill The Wine Boogie Nights
120 Spill The Wine Los Mocosos
120 there's a small hotel della reese
120 When I Lost You (on 1) Tony Evans
122 A La Playa tba
122 Cupid Sam Cooke
122 watusi boogaloo tba
124 Amor Andy Fortuna
124 Ay Mujer Andy Fortuna
124 Bilando Boogaloo - Remix Andy Fortuna
124 Cha Cha Cha D'Amour Dean Martin
124 Muevelo - Remix Andy Fortuna
124 New Cha Cha Rhythm Track Andy Fortuna
124 Rhythm Track Andy Fortuna
124 Sway (Quien Sera) Dean Martin
124 Volver A Verti Andy Fortuna
126 Bang Bang David Sanborn
126 Everybody Loves To Cha Cha Sam Cooke
126 Loco Cha Cha Rosy Velasco
126 my heart belongs to daddy della reese
126 Oye Como Va santana
126 Shama Lama Ding Dong Ronnie McDowell
126 Sway Pussycat Dolls
126 tea for two della reese
127 Bang Bang Joe Cuba

Cha Cha Dance - Heather Carlsen and Kurt Lichtmann

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