pants jeans shrink shrank shrunk, stretch return to original size length
I accidently shrunk my favorite pair of pants. Is there any way to get them anywhere close to being back to their original state?

"My jeans shrank when I washed them. Is there any way that I can stretch them out or make them longer again?"

Answer: "Yes!" Several experts think the cause is in the WARM WATER wash (swelling the fibers in width, stealing from length, as well as the scrunching action of the dryer.

But this shrinkage can be reversed:

1. Wash pants/jeans in cold water.
2. Hang upside down to dry in a stretcher: clamps the bottoms to a straight surface (thin wood board, hanger, etc) so they will stretch kind of evenly.
3. Ditto on the top end.
4. Attach a weight of 5-8 pounds to bottom.
5. Separate the legs to aid in drying.
6. Hang for about a day. Expect 2 or more inches return to original length, even longer than original !

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