PE1172 spring 2009 -12 week course
110-120 starting tempo, 135 -140 bpm with Charleston


promenade 8ct footwork

swingout walk

jockey step (side by side)

closed 8ct turn
RIGHT PIVOT from CP    or side - RS SSSS triple

swingouT CP to open swingout open to CP

swingout open to open



SWINGOUT with L turn

SWINGOUT with slide: step 5, cross 6 slide 78

VAR: from CP, RS Step Slide

CP:RS k1 k2 k1

F STYLING - hand on hip (palm backhand),hand raise, hand wave, F fwd 2 (not 1)

Swingout followed by 8-16 ct open or connected jam (var. for all - slow 360 turn, rhythm patterns)

back back up up

out out in in

Sailor Step

triple front cross

triple Camel Walk R & L

Apple Jacks

Shim Shams

hop crosses

step-pivot R & L

step-pivot ronde

shag foot side wobble

hip circles

hip shaking

lunges (Lowdowns)

rocking steps

Boogie Backs

Suzie Q

Fish Tail


Step n Slide

Pimp Walk
Slip Slop

Thigh Slap
Shoulder Rock (Shimmy)

Frankie, OLD SCHOOL1
SWINGOUT with F moving fwd (L hook 5)

SWINGOUT with F moving backwd (L cross 5 and go fwd)

SWINGOUT with F moving sideways (F cross 5, L hook 5)

SWING WALK - fwd: move F in front, back: L moves in front
PECKING WALK - from closed 456, F often turns her head to side because it is so absurd

SWINGOUT with 2 OT - from side CS or CP

Frankie, OLD SCHOOL 2
Texas Tommy  - SWINGOUT with Texas Behind Back turn. pause 5678

Hand to Hand CS  - transition into mini-dip involves additonal step

Mini Dip - RS step hold step lift. Down 3, L 1/4 turn, F 3/4 turn 4+, pre-turning into 5, no need for L to spin,

            connect -lift -snap 6, end facing side-side (not front -front), stomp off +8


Frankie, OLD SCHOOL 3
Glide To Slide w/ Shake - step 5, cross 6, side chass 7+8.

Shake - cross 1, step 2, split 3, pause 4, shake 5678

Around the World with Points (2x8) - OT open 5 & L free turn 5678. Reconnect facing on 1 with point

             (tap Lead heel fwd), point 3 behind (tap Lead toe behind), point/tap facing 5, pause 567, stomp off +8

Slip Slop - lift 7, step 8, 1ift 1, RS +2 (from regular swingout) VAR: replace RS with Lift:1 Hold:2 (Minn's)


Frankie, OLD SCHOOL 3

Rock Step - L's turn, F goes around L. Rock: bk fwd bk fwd 5678 (RLRL) hold 8 1 2 and pivot,

            go: +3 +4 (RLRL) 56...normal.


Frankie, OLD SCHOOL 4

Push Around - RS Step Hold 5678 -  out in out in (L: step pivot step pivot, F: hook pivot hook pivot)
Kick Around - hop each beat, kick 1 3 5 7, kicking with L's R foot, F's L foot, slide to 2H

Heels to Sailor Step - trans IN: slide 78 to 12:2H heels, windup 3 CCW, She/He CW under L's LH,
F to L's Lside 567hold 8. SSQQS: heels, heels down, turn turn step 7. rotating CW, then both kick LEFT foot:1.
trans OUT: SQQQQS, break apart 8 &1/4 turn. step to side 1  (L hooks if turn is late) L&F turn open 360 to1H:7 (L steps, F holds),
lift lead leg, facing 1/2 opp, looking down at hand, snap 8 RS +2


Frankie, OLD SCHOOL 5

Double Turn - from regular 1H swingout. follow this with an 8-count boogie, not a SO - F needs to recover.

Back CS with Turn - tandem with open F & L CCW turn


Frankie, OLD SCHOOL 6

Handshake with quick turn - fast texas tommy

Flying CS - kick R fwd (point R toe to begin turn, kick R back, step R, RS, kick L fwd. Hands up on 1.

            rotate individually CW, go around each other CCW


LINDY HOP PE 1172 - part II


Swingouts with:
Open Tuck VAR: Open Tuck with Tuck Reverse (arm catch) 1x8
Roll In
Waist Slide

Sugar Push

Overturns: Ls and F's

Texas Tommy from Side position or CP

Slide - RS hop down, stay low on beat 3 weight fwd. shift weight on 4, rise on back leg for 56 or 5678.

Frisbee from Side postion or CP

She Goes He Goes (from open)

Sling Shot

Spinning Side Pass

Follow Me

Tuck Double Turns from side

Swing Out w/Double Inside Turn

Swing Out with Double OT

Barrel Roll

Crosshand Barrel Roll, VAR: Leader turn


Behind Back Side Pass

VAR: Swim - catch Left to left as she comes around, F continues to turn CW (OT) LH ends up media sombrero behind L's head to side by side by side position.

Promenade Rebound - from SH to R promenade aka "skaters", 56 begin lead to L side (L rock FB, F rock BF) ,
   12: L rock FB, F rock BF to  begin lead to R side, OT to exit (2x8)

Savoy Dips: RS KK (fwd) KK (dip, waist to waist) KK (between legs) arms high in air. RS etc to out.

Walsh Backs: back back sham shim step etc. end: back back RS etc.

Leg Pop: shift F's weight R to L, pop leg on +7

360 her-wrap: L's face loop (L's LH) F CCW around L, 8 ct.

Roll Shoulder Roll: L side pass with IT to shoulder, reverse turn with OT and reverse pass

Guy Apache aka L's Texas Tommy: from SH, L turns 180 into own TT. Bring F around into behind back roll and free spin

The Tow: from SH, RS or rather a back-back for L, on 2nd back begin heel roll, bent to straight leg, as F is pivoted
side to side using tap steps or kick steps. VAR: "rainbow" end (double OT with L jump on 2nd OT, landing R foot, step RS)

Drags: to R couples pivot: L's left foot back first with L's arm fwd, conintuous movement. F is held high with L's arm around waist, not shoulders. F pivots her center on L's R side. three steps, into dip, then R couples pivot SQQ SQQ etc.