BASIC BALBOA SYLLABUS 12.4.10 - mod 1.14.11 - mod 2.13.11- mod 4.6.11

JOCKEY1 - Leader: L R L:5 L:6 L:7 (bounce & begin to shift weight back) 8:step back R foot
JOCKEY2: hip rotation 1234567 8:step back R foot (begin to shift weight back around 7)
WALKING : leader walks fwd or backwards (L backwards, Bernard & Anne-Helene to enter the floor)
BASIC - L: (start L foot) back back hold step - front front hold step. 12345678
   Begin to change direction with torso on 2 and 6, even though still moving back on 2.
   Stance: shoulder width. Practice starting on 1 or 3 or 5 or 7 of the music. Slight partner offset.
   VAR: HEEL KICKS - kick down, like starting the Harley. VAR:TAPS - tap toe behind
ADDITION BY SUBTRACTION: swing leg charleston, start L back. Don't sway much.
MAXIE DORF BOX - CCW L: back:1 side:2 front:3 step:4 < front side back step >
HOLDS: up holds vs. down holds (LONG BEACH BASIC - mix up and down holds in 1 8ct set)
CHUGS: jumps back and fwd with feet together, L (fwd) - center (back) - R (fwd) - center (back)
SUGARFOOT: partners act as high ballet bars with wide hand hold: twisting in out cross in out cross
KICK-X-SLIDE: from kick-walks (start RS KS) VAR from basic
HOOK ROCKS (hook down hold on 3, then rock. VAR: ad lib in hook position (Bernard & Anne-Helene)
ALTERNATING RS Kick Cross, then same starting with opposite foot (similar to a type of Cumbia)
SALSA KICKS - aka FALLING INTO THE LOG - Kick step cross step - starts with 56 ad libs,
on 8 kick with LEFT , end with RIGHT kick step stomp LEFT on 8. Then, COME AROUND.
SAILOR STEPS: hook step step - hook step step
SHUFFLE KICKS (Hawaiian) - 812 bounce 456 bounce (bounce or dbl kick)
   VARS: L& F back, L fwd F back, or vice versa)

AD LIBS - side repeater steps
PADDLE TURNS: adlibs while pivoting
CRAB WALKS - front:5 side:6 back:7 step:8 slows, start with downhold:34, then L's RIGHT fwd.
   Crab walks tavel sideways left if Ls R foot is going up and back.
COME AROUND - Start turning:2. Down hold & spin: 34, up hold 78. Hook: 5. Firm hug.
   This is a Right Couples Turn with a spin. Keep pivoting through 8 with hook. VAR: KBC:12
   VAR: F's IT (open and kick:7, turn F:8) to roll-in.
CROSSOVERS (CROSS BREAKS) - Leader starts RS:56 R:7 to L side, F is on his R side.
   No pivoting, lead but don't stop F. L's hand on F's hip. L: small crossing of foot, slight offset.
   L& F do Coaster Steps QQS : Back - together - Fwd, downholds. EXIT: return to basic:12.
   EXIT VAR: into Lolly Kicks. EXIT VAR: into F's open IT:2
LOLLY KICKS - kick:7, step:8 tap:1 step:2, TapSKS. L: L:Tap, R:kick. wide step after tap to create space for come around. Give her a Fwd lead, not just    a turn. Wide frame: L's hand on F's hip, F's hand on bottom of L's tricep. L leans towards F. VAR: In a line. VAR: pivot F with kick/tap.
   VAR: enter from Come Around, start with kick:7.
   VAR: F's open IT:2 to roll-in, return to Lolly Kicks, KSSS - TAP SKS etc.
CROSSWALKS: From Crossover breaks, F Ochos, L walks back. Return to Crossover breaks with L's R:RS
MAXIE STOP & SLIDE: Kick:7, pivot steps to V split (after inside foot kick), step cross step slide.
DRAGS: L just starts walking backwards on 1 (slows) F falls fwd and catches herself with big step
OT-IT combination, VAR: into Come Around as L rolls F in, VAR: multiple IT's
F'S TURN REVERSAL: from Come Around : OT, then arm catch reverse and 3rd reverse to roll-on.
   VAR: Right roll-in from 1st arm catch
TEXAS TOMMY - on 3, bring her around. If she is short, use L's LH on shoulder to push.
F's DOUBLE REVERSAL (Hawaii): connected IT, arm catch OT free spin, arm catch IT free spin & L CCW spin
STEP AND SLIDE - step to side, shift weight, slide, a prep downhold is helpful.
LEFT COUPLES PIVOT (toe to toe L feet) 360 is possible (Max & Dominique)
TANGO SIT FROM JAMES BROWN SLIDE - from CP, L does 1/2 tic tocs with R foot to open,
   F steps L, then cross R, then flip legs to tango sit (Max & Dominique)
IN THE AIR: L picks up follower for end of phrase and she does footwork in the air. (Bernard & Anne-Helene)
   Ithaca Dance