Beginning American Bronze Level

Foxtrot is a line-of-direction dance (some dance/teach with collecting feet on walks, some not)
Many foxtrot patterns are directly derived from the historically preceding dance style : the waltz
6-count basic: walk-walk-side-together SSQQ (progressive: diagonal wall)
8 count basic: walk-side together-reverse walk-side together SQQ SQQ
Optional styling: rise and fall to quick-quick

forward basics to corner, hesitation (rocking) left turn to new wall (or left box)
forward basics to wall, 1/4 right turn (forward basic or right rocking),
      Promenade-Promenade underarm turn sequence to corner, etc.

Left box, left box with F's OT, Left Turning box (8ct) with F's IT,
      Swing steps(10ct) starting to L's R (56 78 12) - Promenade 6ct

Zig Zag Outside Partner,Promenade Basic with Outside Roll,
      Promenade Basic with Inside Roll ,Hesitation Left Turn (rocking)

Part One
(Basic Concepts)
Dance Positions : closed, promenade, outside partner
Timing : 6 count basic SSQQ, 8 count box basic SQQSQQ
Footwork : rhythm, landing with weight on beat, 6 and 8 count patterns
Rise and Fall : before 1st Quick and after last Quick
Swing & Sway
Alignment :Leader's offset to left
Amount of Turn

Part Two
Basic Stroll Forward with 1/4 Turn Curve to the Right -6ct (aka Progressive Quarter Turns to left)
Basic Stroll Backward with 1/4 Turn to the Left -6ct (aka Progressive Quarter Turns to right)
Outside Partner 1/4 Turns Left and Right -6ct
Promenade Basic (face each other on QQ) -6ct
Promenade Hover (Twinkle) -6ct
Sway Step aka Swing Step aka Side Balance Steps - balanced steps SS and side-together QQ
      var: multiple side sways var: omit side-together (QQ)
F's outside turn from Sway step -6ct
Hesitation Left Turn - 6ct (also called Left Rocking Turn)
Hesitation Right Turn - 6ct (also called Right Rocking Turn - start with L's L foot back)
Zig Zag in Line : L fwd with right turn on QQ, L back with left turn on QQ, QQ parallel wall -6ct
Zig Zag Outside Partner : same as above, but outside partner -6ct (aka Forward & Back changes)

Part Three
Promenade Basic with Outside Roll (F's outside turn) - Turn to right (QQ)
   - some dancers have the lady turn starting on the 2nd slow -6ct
Promenade Basic with Inside Roll (F's inside turn) Turn to right (QQ)
    - some dancers have the lady turn starting on the 2nd slow --6ct
Promenade Twist -6ct
Left Box (Reverse) Turn - 8ct
Right Box (Natural) Turn -8ct
Left Turning box (8ct) with F's outside turn - out on 78 12 (QQS) return for side-together 34
Left Turning box (8ct) with F's inside turn - out on 34 (QQ) return for the L's step back 56
Hover (Twinkle) in Box Step - 1234, open on +3, 5687, close 6+ - 8ct
Promenade Pivot - QQ from Promenade SS - full 360 couples R pivot 6ct
Spirals - progressive box, outside partner - 8ct
Crosses - Open promenade, progressive box - L crosses over, then F - 8ct
Promenade Check - check 5 - 6ct

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