Motown (all R&B) Dance combines close partnering (Blues style) and close body leads, with the overall feel of D.C. Hand Dance, and style of passes and turns (West Coast Swing Style) . Basic patterns time out with 4 steps and a 2-beat pause (anchor). The pause has a feeling of sitting away from each other ("extension"). Additional 2-beat groups can be improvised at the anchor, and during a pass. The follower is ready to be lead forward on "1."

There are also patterns that naturally have 8 beats. Specific footwork other than walk and pause is optional. The style of the pass and the anchor are at the liberty of the follower (and the leader) to improvise as well - hopefully they will be aware of each other and adapt, or even play off each other.

STARTER (Jockey Step: groups of 8 beats)
Close position, wide stance, center low
Offset: L's R foot between F's feet
Hand connection side is down
L's R hand far around follower
F's L hand on L's back
Leader starts LEFT
Follower starts RIGHT
RHYTHM: Step touch Step touch 1234 (Slow Slow)
VAR: Slow Slow Quick Quick Slow,
         Slow Slow Quick Quick Slow (2x8)

L swings F out 1/4 circle CCW, 4 walking steps into the end of the slot,
where there will be a pause of 2 or more beats.

elbows bent in front of torso,
hooked fingers,
L and F sit away from each other a bit: "extension."
L gets out of F's way to lead her straight forward (the "slot")

Left Side Pass:
F is led past the leader's open side.

Right Side Pass: F is led past the leader's closed side, and then goes under the hand connection with a CCW turn.

Right Side Pass with Leader's Turn: L brings F past open side, and then brings the hand connection near his head for a 1/2 turn.

Right Side Pass w/o Turn: F is led past the leader's closed side, but does not go under the hand connection.

Push Break: from 1 or 2 hands, L brings F forward towards him, stops her, and pushes her back as she pushes herself back.
L pushes with his knuckles into F's palm. F: keep elbows in front of your torso. Both partner: keep hands at waist level - don' t hold your hands near your chest.

Jockey (8) - Turn out - R pass - L pass - R pass
L's turn pass 2x - Push break 2x - 8 count rotate to F's Right

Rope Turns:
bring F into basket, slide to 2 hands, the L goes into basket, and F slides to 2 hands.

Accordian Turns: 2 handed whip
Swing Out (aka Whip): open to "outside partner" to open

: 2 hands, L brings F foward, goes around her, stops her from behind, brings her back, L continues to 1st position.

Same Side Whip: with 2 hand conneciton, bring F forward and return her on same side.

Push Turn: bring F forward, stop with L's Lead hand and push knuckles into her palm for F's CW turn.


F's Outside Turn:
bring F foward, then offer the CW turn

F's Inside Turn:
bring F foward, then offer the CCW turn

Behind The Back Turns (Apache): bring F foward, then offer the CW turn by putting F"s lead hand behind her back, changeing hands, and pushing on F's hip.

Closed Push Break: same as Push Break, but in close position

Closed Whip: same techinque as Right Couples Pivot, with right legs close and holding F tight.

BODYWORK (2-beat groups)

Bounce and shift weight
Circles: hip, rib, knee
FIgure 8's: hip, rib, knee
Finger Snaps (even beats!)
Shimmy (shoulder shakes)

Free Arm: up, out, wave
Head bobs
Middle Schooler
Betty Boops (prelude to fwd)


Anchor Step (rocking triple)
Sailor Step (hook triple)
Kick-Ball-Change (front, side)
Apple Jacks (squeeze thighs)
Ronde (leg circles)
Scoot Turns

Hop Cross
Scissors Step (kick-cross-step)
Step and Slide
Crossed (Hook) Rock
Hook step
Skip side to side
Triple Step (Chassť)
Camel Walks
Overturn (and return)
Inch Worm

Windup - Tighten - Turn
Pivot foot points in direction of turn: knee, thigh, foot aligned.
Look in direction of spin, not down. (Spotting: torso, then head)
Drag other foot slightly behind for balance and braking.

Sit Dip (F weight on R leg, L foot in arch of R foot)

L's hip is opposite F's body, L's chest is towards F's body,
L's feet wide, feet turned out, hold F tightly. Slower is better.
Side to Side Lean
Front to Side Lean
Back to Front Lean

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