RUMBA - bronze beginning to intermediate 2.19.10

Section 1
Basic movement (Partial weight to full weight, bent leg to strait, relax hip, roll ball to heel)
Rock steps are QQ: back, side, front
Good General Rule: L's L side rock followed by Fwd slow to box
1 +345 +781
dance position (elbows closer than waltz)
timing (slow and quick quick, slow and quick quick)
alternative timing (side together, then as above)
Box step
Extended box to open break (L's R side step slow, then back break to open)
Lady's under arm paddle turn (outside turn, L back break while F walks))
Fallaway breaks (back breaks: QQ)

Arthur Murray Style: begin box with Leader fwd slow on 1
Fred Astaire Style: begin box with Leader L side-together quick-quick

(Many dancers feel that either style should begin on 78, same as typical rumba music rhythm)

QQ - S Step variations beyond the box that we will use:
* Back Rock - Side      
* Front Rock - Side     
* Side Together - Side     
* Side Together - In Place (Cucaracha)
* Walk Walk - Walk (Forward or back, Cuban Walks)
* RS - Walk (Habanera or rocking Cuban Walks)

Section 1 Sequence
Extended box to open break (L&F: side step slow, then back break to open, L has one extra back break)
Lady's under arm paddle turn (outside turn, F walks)
Fallaway breaks (back breaks, ie. Rocking steps: QQ) Return directly to box on 781

Section 2 Sequence (from box pattern)
Cross body lead after 1st ˝ box, 4:L back out of way to 90 degree position
       L Cucaracha (side rock) then cross in fronton the slow with L's L to make space.
       F steps fwd QQS and pivot (late weight change on 1)
       (If F steps forward on 1, she will cross as she pivots. If F crosses on 1, she will uncross as she pivots.)
Open Cuban walks, wide one hand connection (L: Backwards, F walks around L)
Closed Cucarachas (side rocks QQ, collect on slow, end with fwd slow to fwd box on 1)

Section 3 Sequence (all in closed position)
Closed Cucarachas
Promenade twist walks: F walks around L) VAR: L & F twist walk forward in promenade
(From L's R cucaracha, open 5 with step fwd 7 slow , F twists, not L, walks, not rocks)
Outside roll & open break (F's 2OT to 1H)
L-R Peak-a-boo breaks (quite similar to enchuflas - from L&F back break)
Forward breaking steps into box (Cuban Walk, L's FWD rocking steps: do not replace. step forward on 1 & 5)

Section 4 Sequence (from box pattern)
Open break, inside pick-up & back spot turn (grapevine R couples pivot) w/spin whip ending (texas tommy OT)
SH open break, F's IT to end on L's left side for L's head loop pick-up (media sombrero)
F (fwd) around L (bkwd) Cuban walks in wide promenade
Switch lady from L's left side to L's right side for Fallway breaks

Section 5 Sequence (from box pattern) intermediate patterns - rondes, leans, dips
SH on 5, open break to 2SH on 1. Lady's under arm turns (under each hand) to Rondé
(L push, hands low, then cross over with L foot)
Man's cut-in with lady's inside roll to man's head loop (L drop RH after head loop)
Fallaway (back break) rock, lady's spiral & left roll to sweetheart (cuddle/cradle) swivels
Roll out on QQ to open crescendo, roll into lean (stop F with L's LH,
then flip to layout back dip (bring F on step forward, place her RH on L's waist.
L supports F with L's LH on F's upper right arm. L faces to L's L, L shoulder back.

Section 6
New Yorkers (same timing as fallaways), exit free spin or F's OT

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