TANGO I (BRONZE) 2.19.10

Part I
Lowered body position, soft knees
Dance position
Leg action - staccato walk, collecting
Frame - closed, close
Styling - approach, attack, draw, curved walk, heel lead (Argentine: toe lead)

Basic walk - SSQQS ( SS Tan-go close)
Outside partner walk
Circle Rocks S S QQQQ SS TGC
Linking steps - WW QQQQ WW TGC
QQ = fwd, small side

Part 2
Promenade position technique
Promenade walk - Tango close
Promenade walk - release to El Matador
   turn lady on 2+, do not send her straight out.
   Options: flick, point (in,out), stomp (Appel)
Basic Fan (ocho) to close - Tango close

Part 3
Basic walk - outside fan aka La Puerta 2.5 x 8
(B* = fan aka ocho outside partner, QQ/FB = RS)
F F FB B* F - S S QQ S S (to CP) QQ = RS
FB B* F - QQ S S (to CP) QQ/FB = RS

Basic walk - circle rocks W W Q Q Q Q WW TGC

OPTION 1 - lead into La Puerta from circle rocks: last Q
OPTION 2 - end La Puerta with circle rocks and BASIC

Closed fans (Cobra fans) - 2 slows
From Promenade. He leads her fwd on 1, at the same time he pivots in front of her,
cutting her off on his 1st step (L's L leg), on his 2nd step,
he brings her around to Promenade while he pivots, extending his R leg back whle pivoting..
i.e. L pivots 180 to cutoff, then pivots her 180 ( roughly)
S*S** S*S** TGC S*= cutoff, S**=pivot L/ pivot F

SEQUENCE: fan to cobra fans, circle rocks
FAN: SS QQS*S QQ=rocking, S*=ocho, 2nd slow to front
QQS* S 2nd slow stay in PROMENADE
COBRA: S* S** S*=cutoff S**=pivot L/F
S* S** on second S** bring F to CP


Part 1
SEQUENCE: Basic Walk to Skip Chasse, Promenade link to closed, Fallaway, Chasse to Challenge, Slip to closed
Rhythm of words (L start each group L foot unless noted):
walk walk side chasse(open) SS Q+QS
walk walk (close) SS
fwd side(open) hook back (piv to cl) QQQQ - Fallaway
side chasse(open) draw (pivot) Q+QS - Challenge
R back fwd(pivot) side (pivot) QQS - Slip

Part 2
SEQUENCE: Pull to Sweetheart, release to shadow
SS QQ - Basic walk, L's 2nd step short,
  release to 2H on 2nd step, rock QQ
S - Pull to sweetheart, release to shadow: F front,
L's LH on F's upper extended L arm,
F's R arm also extended and is free, L's RH on her hip
QQQQ - shadow step points - step-point-cross-point LRRL
QQS - F CCW turn, 3 big steps, change hands, L 2 steps.
SS - Fan to CP
QQ - contracheck - Leader step fwd to R with L foot,
  point L foot L, weight on front whole foot, L hip fwd
  lady big step back R leg, R heel off floor, twists L, look L
  arch by extending chest, not from the back.
S - recover to promenade position with touch on lead feet

Reverse Promenade
Habanero in Closed (rocking pattern QQS QQS)
   VAR: Habanero in Promenade
Outside Partner Walk (R, L)
Quick Corte - Quick Dip

* Corte Back - L rocks fwd and back, tightens, then releases hold
  on F's mid section, F big step fwd
* Corte Side - after basic, L steps to L's L side, raise rib cage 1234
* Shift-shift SLIDE replaces TGC from Prom, or CP
* Promenade Sequence: FF QQQQ Check & Slide, kick on 7
  (short, sharp, to ground)
* Right couples pivot from Promenade walk, returning to
Promenade(L cross in front on 2nd slow to QQQQ pivot)
* Check & Slide (8ct) pivot to CP TGC
* Outside Partner Sequence: FF QQQQ
<rocking: FB FB (ochos)> F turn TGC
* Goncho - L steps to side on 7 with R still in place, F lift R leg,
  back flick (goncho), return, TGC.
* Fast L side chasses: SS 1+2+3+4 SS TGC
*Grapevine - SS 1+2+3+4 SS TGC (1:side step, 1+:F cross/L hook)
* Fwd lean, with F's feet in hook
* Cannonball turn with leg styling
* Quick OT or IT (OT:windup:3 IT:6 or 1. replace TGC).
* F Split/Sit - L's L leg out:1, F drapes F's L:3 leg, L slides whle F's R foot stays in place:5 (big split for F),
   F puts weight on L leg and lifts R leg high or crosses over L leg nto a sit:7. sit:1234 pivot turn to exit:5. hold 78.
* Snake Dip - starts as fwd lean on L's R side, F wraps legs, then arm, then head snap.
* Pivot F on 1 foot - Prom exit, hold, L walks in tango rhythm

 Ithaca Dance