side balances: sway (lead from rib cage)
rise and fall - begin rise on 1+, lower on 3+
left turning box - 2x6
right turning box - 2x6
swing: hips fwd:1 back:4

Progressive Basic - with L and R pivots
start facing R diagonal wall for L 1/2 box:
fwd1 - shoulder back & pivot2 - collect3
(fwd step is the direction you were facing on 3)
(sway helps the progressive basic work)
Forward Change - Reverse to Natural (L)
Forward Change - Natural to Reverse (R)
Forward Changes (Successive)
Inside of R thighs will brush for this to work
L keep looking Left - use torso to lead new direction

Progressive L-R turn combination: 2x3x6
Natural, Change & Reverse Combo
Reverse, Change & Natural Combo
Side step is in LOD
If you don't try and turn 360, you will end each 6 ct turn facing new direction - much easier

lady's OT from left box - 123 closed, lift on 4, F begins to walk on 5, continue walking 6 1, 2=side 3=close, return closed postion 456

Closed Hover aka twinkle - 12 & 3 4 & 56
(left turning pattern)

Forwards Spin (lady's IT) on 2, side balance 456, whisk 123, side balance (or IT) 456 - 2 x 6
VAR: replace ladies whisk123 with OT

Closed Spirals - aka serpentine
begin Outside Partner on 456
VAR: outside check, switch & roll: from spiral,
on 123 L does a check i.e. L: hook 2, close 3, cross 4, walk 56) bring F around in start couples right pivot.
F walks 123456 with OT 456
VAR: develope - F step back across to L's Right 1, knee up 2, extend 3, straight leg down & step fwd 4, side 5, close 6 (L's L foot pointed at F, L holds 123, shift weight 4 side 5, cl 6)
VAR post develope: F's IT 456
VAR: 1/2 spiral (456), return to inline on 123

OP switches LOD (Eulia Baranovsky):
L fwd Right OP LOD:1, pivot 23,
L back Left OP4, pivot 56

Open box with double underarm turn
lady's OT from left box 456, on next 123 L creates more space on open box. change places IT 456 (L fwd 4) to Hover 123, to Closed 456
VAR: Promenade Twist Turn aka Basic Wing
from closed Hover, L takes only 1 step on 4 and pivots while he brings F around to CP.
VAR: 2H after F's OT (Eulia Baranovsky)

Fallaway: 4:side, pause (aka bean bag)
New Yorker: 4:side, pause (to F's OT or both free spin)

Cross step basic turn:
CP rotating CW in Right OP,
Lf fwd & F backwd 123, R bkwd & F fwd 456

Windmills: 1 H with L on Right, push off L's Rh F's LH and both turn outswards

1x6 PREP: balance steps
2x6 progressive fwd changes
1x6 closed hover

2x3x6 Natural & Reverse Progressive Combo
2x6 Baranovsky Progressive OP switch & pivot

1x6 L turning box
3x6 ladie's outside turn, turning open left box

2x6 ladie's inside turn to side balance and wisk
2x6 closed spirals

2x6 outside check, switch, roll, develope
2x6 L turning box
entrance: 2, exit: 4 to balance steps
advanced entrance: from open box-OT, L steps Left outside partner and changes hands, 456 finishing a spiral into promenade.

Left couples 360 turn, VAR: left rocking turn
Right couples 360 turn, VAR: right rocking turn
L-R turn combination

F's CW Turn: on 123L pull back on RH,
return to promenade hand position.

spirals: start on 456: 4 turn turn, 1 turn turn
(L&F pivot) F is a bit in front of L VAR: start 123
footwork: step - pivot - pivot

bean bag switch sides: starting with
standard F on L's R, L steps across 4, pivot 56

Pretzel to switch sides: as in F's CW turn, keep hands together, F ends up on L's L side

Pretzel to Left: F's OT on 1, L's OT on 3 (turn slightly towards left for final L turn

Pretzel to Right: F's IT towards L's left. F walks around L, L faces front continually.

1x6 side balance
1x6 L rotating box
1x6 F's OT (lift 4, walk 56)
123 456 walk to new partner on F's right
(option: bow/curtsey 456)

  Ithaca Dance