Calm down your crazed mind & emotions
with this simple mantra pranayama
1. Mentally divide your repeating breath into 4 more or less equally timed segments:
     IN - HOLD - OUT - HOLD.

2. Timing can be anything (maybe start with roughly 3-4 second segments, but it doesn't matter).
   As the mind calms down, you will notice that the durations will naturally increase, and that will feel good.

3. Om Mani Padme Hum - one mental repetition per each part of the breath cycle,
   or one word per each part of the breath cycle.

4. Gayatri - divide in two or four segments for mental coordination with the breath cycle,
    or use the whole mantra for each segment of the breath cycle.

5. Try to focus on the mantra and the feeling and sound of your breath,
    largely ignoring other junk in your mind.

6. After a while (you'll know), you will want to switch back to your natural, unedited breathing,
    but you will feel calmer, and your breathing will likely be deeper and slower.

7. Hey, it works great for me, especially when having trouble falling asleep.