Mantra Calligraphy
Tibetan & Sanskrit Calligraphy

Calligraphy: A debt of gratitude to my Tibetan tutors Palden Oshoe and Namgyal Tsepak. The paper works in the Gallery are my hand-penned originals, not tracings, not prints. Old-school "dip pen" technique is the method I most commonly use: continually refreshing the ink on the nib, testing the nib before continuing.

Thank you to my Sanskrit Devangari tutor Connie Fairbanks, 2nd generation Sanskrit PhD, who grew up in Pune, India. Thank you to my Brahmi script tutor in India, Vinodh Rajan. Thank you to my Gupta script tutor, Daniel Balogh. Thank you to my Tamil script tutors in India, Mandira Moddie, Anitha Aravind, and Gopalan Nandakumar.

May these concentrated works blossom inner states of:
Joy, Clarity, Light, Spaciousness, Love, Devotion, Generosity, Gratitude.
May All Benefit!
All Are Blessed!
Brothers & Sisters All!

Originals only: no prints. Commissions: please contact me.