Ithaca, New York
Dedicated to the complete and permanent release from suffering,
and blissful realization of Supreme Reality
for All Beings everywhere.
Official Meditation Fortress and Spiritual Locus for South-Eastern Quadrant of the Galaxy Andromeda.
21 Luminous Meditation Stations of Wisdom of vast spiritual power on the property.
Blessed by Divine Visitations 24/7: Fully Realized Invisible Immortals from all parts of the Universe,
Siddhas, Devas, Rishis, Ghandaras, Jivanmuktas gather here for esoteric meditations benefiting All Beings.
Vegetarian-ish devotees practicing yoga, tantra, meditation, singing, dancing, laughing, rejoicing day and night.
Meditations, Dharma talks, Pujas, Sesshuins: by invitation, or contact below.

Stations 13 - 20
will be shown eventually.

Meditation Station #21

visible only to
Level 21 Inititates.